guess what?

I have big news to share!
Mama said I got my first tooth this week! I even got a certificate of achievement at school. I'm a pretty big deal. The award tasted pretty good!
Mama kept trying to pry my mouth open to get a picture of this so called "tooth." I wanted nothing to do with that mess! I have better things to do...like roll around on the couch, laugh at my dog friends, and try to grab and eat everything in sight.
What's the big deal over a tooth anyways?
Fine. Here it is. You gotta look closely!
...okay, time to go tell all of my baby friends!


Elizabeth said...

He's so adorable!! :)


Laura @ My Thoughts-Uninterrupted said...

Ethan has that same little phone! Congrats on the first tooth - I have to admit I'm dreading this phase a little bit. I hear it can be tough!

Christa said...

He is SOO cute!