grass under my feet.

It's weird to me that Grayson hasn't experienced some of the simplest things in life. It's been fun seeing things through the eyes of a baby and watching him explore new things. Today he felt grass for the first time.
It was in the low 70's today here in Nashville and we spent lots of time outside! After sitting for a few minutes not sure about what to think of grass, G decided that a taste test was the best way to see if he did indeed like the outdoor elements.
He was a serious boy checking everything out.
do. not. smile. for. mama.
He was pretty unsure about the whole situation.
Look at his hair!! It's so long that it now blows. Again with the seriousness! He was all business today.
Hopefully the nasty cold & rainy weather is gone for good and we can play outside!...but not in the grass, obviously.


Elizabeth said...

Laura...I didn't realize you're from Nashville! I'm a Tennessee girl myself! The weather was amazing...I'm praying it stays awhile no matter what the weather people say! Hope you have a great weekend with your little man! :)

Jen Watts said...

Oh my gosh Laura.. He is so beautiful!! His hair is so neat... Carsyns is a hot mess!! Send us some sunshine here in ky!!

Becca said...

Oh my goodness, I cannot believe how big he is!!! Precious!