i live for the weekend.

I was so ready for spring and spring clothes...and then I woke up this morning to 40 degree weather! Boo! Now that I am getting skinny-ish, I am ready to go clothes shopping. Nothing from this past summer will fit (thank God, I was 8 months pregnant and swollen like a water balloon) and nothing from the summer before that will fit. For once, clothes not fitting will be a good thing! I only lost .4lbs last week--is that even possible??--and I maintained this week. Now it's time to get serious. I say this as I drink a glass of red vino...ha! No really, me and that baby WILL be at the pool this summer and I don't want to be wearing a bathing suit that the Duggar girls would wear. Biggest Loser Max Results...here I come!

Speaking of shopping, I really want to go to Forever 21. I don't buy expensive clothes. Ever. I love TJ Maxx, Target, anything on sale, and Forever 21. They always have longer shirts that hide that stupid below the belly button pooch...love that! I can't deal with the fact that the models look like they are 16 years old and are like a -AA. I will not look like that in those shirts...not by a long shot.
If you are a working mama, I am sure you will agree that you begin living for the weekends. I love having all day to hang out with Grayson. I feel like I miss out on so much when I am at school! He is plastered all over my walls and computer desktop at work. When I turn on my smartboard I always hear "awwwwww look at Grayson!!" coming from 19 six year olds:)
We did nothing this weekend and it was glorious. It was cold and rainy which was a good excuse to stay in my yoga pants most of the time. Lots of sleeping happened this weekend...yay for teething?
It is so fun now that G is sitting up. He can play with his toys so much easier & is now starting to reach for/grab everything. in. sight. We ate lunch at Puckett's yesterday and I made sure to bring Sophie, a ball, and his keys. What did he want? Ben's ridiculously large knife. Typical.
Yesterday we also went to Kid to Kid and got a new baby einstein dvd & 4 spring/summer outfits. I have a problem with jon jons and bubbles. It's more like an addiction. I'm glad that G was a boy because we would be in big trouble if we had a girl first! I can't wait until we can play outside in the sunshine!


L.Caroline said...

Forever 21 has really cute spring clothes right now! I went this weekend but unfortunately walked out empty handed because the checkout line was a million people long... I plan to go back one weekday evening, though!

Jen Watts said...

I love nothing weekends! Grayson is going to have to teach Carsyn how to sit up like a big girl! He gets more adorable every day.