This past weekend was superb. I love love love having my husband home! The time change was my friend too. Grayson has gone from waking up at 5:30 to waking up at 7:00! Here's to hoping that lasts!
Ben's dad can build just about anything. He made a great dog house when Huddy was (GASP!!!) an outside dog. Now that house is used as a perch for Hud and Ellie:) Well, he made a toy box/shelf for all of G's things! I love it! He even stained it to match the pottery barn furniture on the opposite wall of the bonus room.
I think Grayson approves. By the way, CHECK OUT THE CUTE TOOTH!!
"see mama, all mine!"
I think it's neat that Grayson and other future May babies will have a piece of furniture from their Pops. I know those shelves will be full in no time!
I had grand jury duty today (which by the way, I love.) so I was finished for the day at 1:30. I had so many things I could do before I picked G up from school, but I decided that I wanted to make my first batch of baby food. Post on that coming soon! Anyways, I think big boy liked his solids!
He is growing up so fast...I can't even deal! He is now officially rolling all around in his sleep & stressing me out. He sleeps 12 hours and I am waking up all night looking at the monitor stressing about him being on his tummy. The pediatrician told Ben today that he is fine to sleep on his tummy now. Why does that make me so nervous??

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Shelli said...

That tummy business scares me to death too!!