a small reunion of 94 people.

 Every 3 years, my mom's side of the family has a reunion. This isn't just any old reunion. You see, my Papa has four siblings. Those four siblings all married & had lots of kids.  Those kids got married and also had lots of babies. Those babies (my generation) are now getting married and having little ones! It's a big group. 94 people to be exact. 

Last weekend was the Cheney family reunion. Our last reunion was the weekend before our wedding. We've had a few changes since then! This was Ben and Grayson's first Cheney gathering & G had a great time playing with so many cousins!
 We rented a condo with my parents at the resort we "reunioned" at. Grayson was miserable because he never got any attention the whole weekend. HA! I kid. He loved having his Nana and Poppy around to play with and to give him early birthday presents like this awesome fire truck!
 We had our huge family dinner on Saturday night at a big ol' house in the north Georgia mountains. G was a little overwhelmed at first with the 93 people surrounding him...can you tell?
We always take these family pictures. I love looking back and seeing how they change every 3 years. This is my Papa's family. Good looking bunch! We added 3 babies and one new wifey to the mix in the last 3 years!
 My cousin Robyn, G, and myself. Robyn now lives in Albuquerque and this was her first time to meet Grayson!
 A wound up little man with Nana and Poppy. G stayed up way past his bedtime and loved every minute of it. He was all over the place!
 There were 9 (I think) new little ones this year & they all had so much fun together. Millie, Stuart, and Grayson loved climbing all over these windows and looking at the people on the back porch.  Stuart is 2 and loved hugging on Grayson like he was a little baby. Stuart has a 5 week old little brother, Wills, and I'm sure he is the best big brother!
 Grayson also went swimming with my mom (way too cold for me) but he still insists that snacks and sippy cups are the best part of swimming. Please note my cousin Brian's little girl, Brooke, in the background. Such a ham.
Ben headed back to Tennessee and I drove back to Atlanta with my mom. Grayson got to spend one extra day with his cousins Brady & Collin. I loved their breakfast setup. They look like little old men chatting about the weather.

I can't wait to see what the family reunion picture looks like in 3 years!

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