I'm alive!

I apologize for the blogging hiatus. My little family of 3 was relaxing dealing with a sick & teething baby while at the beach. I promise to do a post about our first family vacation...it was definitely one I will remember. But for now, I will leave you with a few thoughts.

  • I am now officially planning Grayson's 1st birthday party. That is so hard for me to believe. I ordered part of his outfit tonight and am super close on deciding on invitations. I love parties. However, I think it is more fun browsing through party pictures/ideas on Pinterest rather than actually planning a party.
  • If there is one thing I have learned since becoming a parent it is this: when you try really hard to plan something perfectly, your baby will indeed change your plans.
  • I am overwhelmed about making G's photobook on Shutterfly. I probably should have been doing it little by little each month instead of starting it now. Oy. This is why I was a terrible scrapbooker back in the day. 
  • I'm back on my eBay kick...except now I am stocking up the baby closet with fall clothes...in size 18 months! Eek! That sounds huge. The outfits look huge.
  • I am obsessed with these popsicles. It's like a pina colada on a stick. Yum. 
  • My friends go back to school next week. I think it will finally hit me that I'm not going back to work. I will miss setting up my classroom...that was always fun. I will not miss recess in August when it is approximately 98 degrees and blazing hot every single day.


Julie @ The Smitten Mintons said...

You should try the Edy's lime bars! Margarita on a stick :)

melissa said...

A sick baby at the beach - so sad! Hope he's feeling better and you were still able to have a little fun. I cannot wait to see what you have in store for his 1st birthday. I know it will be great!

The Mrs. said...

Oh geez....recess is the worst!!! I am also a Pintrest addict!! I would love to swap pins... jennip68@hotmail.com

Marci said...

I know how you feel about the first birthday party planning! I can't believe Landon is fixing to be 11 months! I've become addicted to Pinterest too. I have yet to buy anything for Landon's party, but have ideas "pinned" -- eventually, it will come together.