Today we did a lot of the above. {drink pedialyte. like a boss.} I thought around bedtime last night that we were on the upswing of this evil stomach virus going around. That is until around midnight when Grayson woke up covered in throw up. TMI? Sorry. 'tis true...and it sure was awful. 

G and I headed to the pediatrician this morning to hear what I figured we would...virus. We got nada. She said this awful thing has been going around and is lasting about 5 days. Today is day 4. It appears {just like last night} that my little trooper is finally feeling better. He actually started laughing when I turned this on:

Baby Mozart. I am insanely jealous of heart the mom that invented Baby Einstein movies.

I sure hope Grayson is indeed on the mend because we are leaving for the beach on Monday! And because I am going absolutely stir crazy inside this house. And because the stomach bug produces an insane amount of baby laundry. It has been two years since I have been to a beach. TWO years. I couldn't go last summer because I would have resembled a beached whaled. I can't wait to put Grayson's chubby little toes in the sand. If he doesn't like the actual beach part, I know without a doubt he will love people watching on the beach. 

Now what I'm not looking forward to is the 8-9 hour road trip with a screeching baby...