and just like that, he was big.

 I have never been a super sentimental person. I have no problems getting rid of things. Seriously, I clean out my closet in about .5 seconds because I give it no thought...grab & donate. But lately, I feel that little tug at my heart that makes me a little sad.
I feel like I blinked and 9 1/2 months passed by.  I vividly remember sitting in my hospital room {with a bum right leg & sprained ankle, mind you} and wanting nothing more than to be in my own home with my baby so that we could just get on with our lives together. I would go back there in a heartbeat to have Grayson be that teeny hefty newborn that just loved to snuggle & be held.
Do you like G's guido Pauly D blowout? 
When Grayson was a newborn I wasn't sad each time he hit a milestone and grew up just a little more. I guess in my head I always thought that I would be in that stage again someday with a new baby.  We are in the process of breaking the habit of rocking G to sleep at night. I honestly think I needed that special time with him more than he needed it with me. I realized last night as I was feeding him that this stage of his life is over & he's a big boy who doesn't need his mama to fall asleep at night. It made my heart sad.

I know I will enter that stage again at some point with baby #2 (and 3 and 4....right, Benny?!), but not with Grayson. My first baby. The baby that made me a mama. 

I am trying so hard to soak up every single moment with my little G because he is honestly changing, learning, and growing SO fast! We have pretty much successfully completed the no-rock bedtime routine...so it may be me that is having to cry it out every night! ha!


melissa said...

Oh my goodness - they cannot change that fast in 9 months! I refuse to believe it! I totally understand why you'd want to slow down time. Your baby is turning into a little boy. But what a cute little boy he is!

Melissa said...

I know! I am such a softie with Isabelle too! Since we are planning her first birthday party I feel like such a crazy mom that just wants to cry everytime I look at her newborn pictures. Grayson is so cute! Especially with the little Guido hair cut!!

Elle The Heiress said...

Sometimes it's hard for me to believe that Sebastian is almost 3, but other times it feels like I've always been his mom and I can't believe he's only 2.5.

With Genevieve, it's crazy that she's only 5 months old - it feels like she should already be much older.

Marci said...

Aww! Now I'm gonna cry! The past 10 months have just flown by! I was putting some more of Landon's clothes away into the tubs we have set aside (for the next baby or 2 or 3 hehe) and came across some of his newborn stuff. It was so hard to believe he ever fit in any of it! He seems so tall! And grown up!

jeannie said...

This was such a sweet blog post....brought tears to my eyes. I am feeling the same way as his Nana....want to slow him down just a bit.