So What! Wednesday

{an update coming soon on our impromptu long weekend vacay to Oxford, Ms& the 4th of July!}

This week I am saying SO WHAT if...

  • I realized this weekend that I "can't hang" anymore like college...but, I had fun trying! 
  • I am SO mad that the Casey Anthony trial is pretty much like a how-to guide to get away with murder. Yes, I know the judicial system in our country is fair & that they didn't have enough evidence to convict. However, a murderer walked. Ridic. 
  • My memory card on the DSLR camera holds over 2,000 pictures and I ran out of space last night. Grayson will have a well documented life!
  • I'm a bad couponer. 
  • I'm 26 and have a definite "mom bathing suit." Trust me, you DON'T want to see me in my old bikini at the pool! Inappropriate!
  • Me & my bestie Whitney {vacay Oxford buddy} have a ridiculously close relationship and tell each other e v e r y t h i n g. Literally. Everything. 
  • I got embarrassingly excited about the original Teen Mom last night! (recap: Maci is still awesome, Amber is still crazy, Farrah got a boob job, and Catelynn is still living with her white trash mama)


Marci said...

I love posts like this!!! You inspire me to do better on keeping up with my blog...however, my "follow through" seems to be lacking. :)

melissa said...

I'm pretty sure I had a mom bathing suit before I got pregnant - at least you're actually a mom. :)

Shannon Dew said...

It's ok, I have about 3 mom suits already! Sad but true. I don't think these stretch marks will ever see a 2 piece