Reasons I love my kid #2

  •  When he gets excited, he kicks his legs & flaps his arms. It's pretty cute.
  •  He loves Hudson. (and Huddy is SO good with him) When Hud is napping on the couch in the playroom, Grayson will stand up next to him and gently play with his paws. He is so gentle with him.
  •  He is proud of himself when he does something new. He gets the biggest grin on his face and claps his hands.
  •  He loves giving kisses...even if they don't actually touch your face:)
  •  The second he lays down in his crib, he grabs his froggy lovey and clutches it like someone is going to steal it. This is the only thing he snuggles with willingly. The boy loves his froggy!
  •  When we are out and about & he gets sleepy, he nestles his little head on my shoulder. It may only last a second, but it makes my heart happy.
  • He loves to flop onto his belly in the bath tub. Not only does he flop, but he dips his tongue into the tub and drinks the water. Ha! Can you tell he watches every move the dogs make?

*All of these pictures were taken by Laurel Pankratz of Eilas Photography


Marci said...

LOVE the pictures! Especially the one of you and G.

Julie @ The Smitten Mintons said...

Beautiful pictures! G just keeps getting cuter and cuter!!