So What! Wednesday

This week I am saying SO WHAT if...
  • I get excited about checking my japanese beetle trap every afternoon...but then feel sad for the beetles because they can't escape.
  • I have about 6 blog posts in the editing state...I will be gone all for a few days over the weekend & then we are going to the beach--that stresses me out! I must get posts ready!
  • I've had a few people emailing me wanting to review their products/do a giveaway & I haven't responded because I am paranoid everything is a scam when it comes to the internet! 
  • Our bonus room always looks like a tornado hit it after G man plays. How can a non-walking baby make such a mess?!
  • I spent $80 at Macy's online buying a tankini top that looks like it will cover everything...and then I went to Target last night and found one for $24.99. 
  • I actually got giddy when I saw that Project Runway is coming BACK at the end of THIS MONTH!!! Hooooray!


jeannie said...

You are the bloggingest person I know!

Shannon Dew said...

OMG checking the bugs would be something I would so grossly get in to too!!! And I did THE SAME thing w/my bathing suit! I ordered a super cute one from macy's but it doesn't look so super cute on and I found a cheapie at Marshalls that i L.O.V.E.