Menu and couponing fail

Friday: breakfast for dinner....my favorite! Scrambled eggs, hashbrowns, biscuits, and bacon.

Saturday: chicken cutlets and gravy, mashed potatoes, and glazed carrots

Sunday: hot dogs...Five Guys style! {G's favorite meal}

Monday: Ben is smoking some sort of meat...such a boy. Baked beans and potato salad

Tuesday: Tacos with chips and queso

So, as I've said, I am trying to coupon. I really want to do my part in saving our family money since I won't be earning a paycheck anymore.

Here's a confession: I have been a couponing/weekly ad fool for the past 2 weeks and you know what? My bill has been higher those 2 weeks than before I was couponing! Apparently I am a terrible couponer.

I have been stocking the good ol' pantry just like Southern Savers told me to do with a lot of sale items that have been buy one/get one. I really haven't been buying anything that is not on sale (minus some produce) and I'm not buying things we won't use just because it is a sale item.

Here are my questions: a) what in the world am I doing wrong? b) where can I find more coupons?

I go on couponmom.com regularly to print coupons but lately they haven't had many food coupons. Is that just part of the cycle?

I love the blogging community because you people are always so helpful! I would love for you to help me {and my wallet} with any coupon tips.

Oh, and thanks for the coffee help! As much as I would LOVE a Keurig, it's just not in the budget right now. I went with a Black&Decker that is stainless steel...this bad boy won't crack on me!

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Anonymous said...

Hang in there, girl! Getting started is tough and creating the stockpile will pay off in the long run. I promise! Don't feel like you have to buy something just because it's on sale- unless its free. I learned that the hard way. Also, try to match your coupons with those BOGO deals to get a better deal. For example, Sabra hummus (which I love) is normally $3.99 each but is BOGO at Publix this week. I paired it with the $1 off coupons from Sunday's paper and got them both for less than 1.00 each. Not bad! Check out my blog for some more tips. I'm not a professional but am definitely getting the hang of things. Haven't spent more than $30 a week on groceries for us. YOU CAN DO IT!!! :)

Unknown said...

I love getting menu ideas from other bloggers! And I am no coupon queen. I definitely need a lesson in making it work!

yorks said...

Girl, I need help with this badly!!! You would not believe how much we spent on groceries last month!! Most people splurge on purses...my splurge is organic food. haha!