what's going on?

Summer is in full swing around here...I can't believe tomorrow is the first day of July! I feel like we have been busy around here...but I'm not even sure I could tell you what has been going on. 

So remember how Grayson has turned into a speed crawler? Well apparently that just isn't cutting it anymore.  He's had a push toy since Christmas but I really didn't think he would use it until closer to his birthday. wrong. G decided to start cruising this week pushing his toy. Holy big boy, batman! He is so nonchalant about it. He just stands up and starts moving right along...until he runs it into a wall. :) Of course when I get the video camera out he stops after like 3 seconds. SO, now I have about a gazillion 3 second clips of him pushing his toy. 

Grayson has also decided that he only wants to be a good sleeper when daddy puts him to bed. When I am the one here at night and try to get him to sleep, it is a nightmare. He has cried it out for the past few nights. However, when Ben is at home at puts him to sleep...he passes out cold and doesn't wake up all. night. long. Go figure. 

I realized last night that my beloved Mr. Coffee pot has 3 huge cracks in it. what the frack?! My child wakes up at 5:30am...I can't function properly without coffee. Thank goodness for sweet first graders who filled my wallet with Starbucks cards. G and I made a roadtrip there this morning to get this mama a big ol' caramel frap. I looked at Target and realized that coffee makers are not really expensive--minus the Keurig of course. I think I will just buy a new one. Which is where you people come in handy...what kind should I buy?? I'm kind of a coffee newbie so any suggestions are appreciated!

Throwback picture of me & Carl...my 21st birthday in Hotlanta! 

I have friends that literally live all over the country: Los Angeles, Atlanta, Mississippi, Memphis, El Paso, Dallas...seriously. All over. It's so hard to keep with people the older you get. I have always struggled with this...I'm not really a big phone person and it's hard for me to find the time to catch up with my friends when I know it will be a long convo. Anyone else have that problem? I talked to my best fiesty redheaded friend, Carly, this week.  Carly is one of those friends where we could probably go a whole year without talking & still just pick up right where we left off. Love those kind of friends! 

That's all I got. Baby is napping...I should probably go be productive:)


KatieB. said...

I seriously love my Keurig. Love. Best investment ever.

CARLY said...

oh my gosh! So, I checked my Google Reader this morning and of course had to get myself some moments with the mays update. I was already going to comment on the coffee maker (LOVE Keurig!) but then I scrolled down...totally made my day. I'm so honored!! I agree, love our friendship :) but would be okay with weekly 15 minute phone calls also! Love you LOMA!

melissa said...

I have a Cuisinart coffee maker that I love. I'm not a fan of flavored coffees and I always have more than one cup so I prefer it to a Keurig.

Jen Watts said...

I'm still sans coffeemaker and the starbucks vias just aren't cutting it!
I just know G will be full on walking by 10 months.. He's been such a little athlete and reminds me so much of my nephew.

And I think it's some sort of conspiracy that dads put babies down better! Carsyn fell asleep in Shanes lap the other day and he just scooped her up and put her down(this never happens with me)!