so what Wednesday

This week I am saying so what if...
  • I have roots an inch long and I can't get my hair done until the end of July.
  • my child loves ketchup and in order to get him to eat small carrots and peas last night I had to put a little large blob of ketchup on his highchair tray.
  • I ate 2 ice cream bars today. 
  • my car is an absolute disaster and I have mail sitting in my floorboard from a few days ago when it was wet & rainy. 
  • I reward a hard days work {dealing with that precious, molar-getting baby boy} with a glass of vino.


Marci said...

Love this! I'm eating a butterfinger right now, cause it has been a long day!

Jen Watts said...

I challenge your one inch and my appt is August 8!
I look forward to vino time every day and Carsyn is still toothless!!!