I turned 26 yesterday. I've decided that I will still consider myself to be in my mid-twenties for another year. Late twenties makes me feel old! :)
On the eve of my 26th birthday, I came home to this box.
I told Ben that the one thing I wanted for my birthday was a Double Doozie birthday cake...and not just any Double Doozie cake. I wanted a Double Doozie cake from the Great American Cookie Company!
So you can imagine my excitement when I saw that pretty red box sitting on my counter.
It was pretty much everything I had dreamed of. And now, thanks to Ben, I am pretty sure that I am 24 pounds heavier. Oh well, you only turn 26 once!
Jack wanted to feel included and give me a gift...so he got me some OPI nail polish. Please take note of the name. He is one smart chi! I also got a spa day...ahhhhhh. I will use that later this summer! So excited--I've never been to a spa!
This boy made my 25th year very special & I can't wait to see how much he changes this year!
Oh, and in case you were wondering...G loved him some Double Doozie cake!


Allison said...

Happy Birthday!!! My birthday is next week and I'm thinking now I want a cookie cake too! Also, is that green room your kitchen? It almost looks like the color of our new kitchen so I was just wondering how you decorated with it! Anyway, happy birthday once again!

Anonymous said...

That. Cake. Looks. Amazing. Can I have some, please? :)

Happy belated Birthday! Love the pictures, and seriously, you look great! I love all of G's blonde hair...that's how Ethan is looking nowadays! Head full 'o blonde!

Jen Watts said...

Happy birthday!! You're still a pup ;)
Look at how grown up little G looks!! His hair is getting so long!

Unknown said...


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