my mind is spinning.

As if I needed something else to distract me & make my to-do list even bigger, I have recently discovered Pinterest. It is the ultimate time-suck. My mind goes crazy with DIY ideas when I see all these beautiful pictures of other people's creations. Now I must admit, sometimes I make fun of ultimate DIY people. I think there is a point where if you do everything yourself, some things turn out looking cheap. I'm not that extreme. You won't see me hot gluing crap to my walls or trying to widdle a canoe anytime soon. BUT, I love cheap art projects that make a room look complete. These are a few things that have recently been added to my summer project list:
This idea is actually from Better Homes and Gardens. You can find the tutorial here. All they did was adhere scrapbook papers to those cheap wooden plaques you can find at Hobby Lobby or any other craft store. How easy is that?! I actually just bought 6 pretty pieces of paper to somehow decorate the wall in our downstairs bathroom...and I think I may try this out! I love all the different shapes together!
I have discovered a new blog that I now love. Little Miss Momma. She made this cute Anthropologie inspired necklace! Her tutorial makes it look so easy & it is so cute. I'm obsessed!
I love this monogram. It's simple. I like simple. It is from this blog. She has lots of other great ideas, too! I think this would look great over our bed!
I'm always looking for inexpensive ways to decorate my walls. I don't do expensive art. I get sick of things too easily. Remember my scrapbook paper wall art? Well this is even better! This woman is a genius. I love, love, love this whimsical look using vintage sheets!

I forgot to bookmark this page. I think 2 of these would look great on our big & blank kitchen wall. I love frames but am lazy when it comes to switching out the pictures inside them. This would solve that problem!

What are your favorite DIY projects? I love getting new ideas!


Jonathan, Lindsay, and Brooks said...

LOVE LOVE all of these!! Wish I wan done with school...I have so many DIY ideas, weekly, but no time do any of them :/

Elle The Heiress said...

Oh I looooove Pinterest and Little Miss Momma! I actually do a Pinterest linky on my blog on Tuesdays if you're interested in linking up. I just started it, and you don't have to link up on Tuesdays - you can do it any day of the week that you like.