the crab

I went to Target the other day to buy a float for Grayson. I walked away with this instead:
baby crab pool! It's pretty awesome.

Hudson is also pretty fond of baby pools. We used to get one out for him to use during the summer.
It has been hot here already and I wasn't sure if G would want to hang out in a pool outside. Like his mama, he hates to be hot. We lathered on the spf 50 , tried out a swim diaper, and got in the chilly water. Don't worry, when it's 92 degrees outside the water doesn't stay chilly for long!
He loved it! We stayed outside for about 30 minutes. He had fun crawling in the water & splashing himself. I can't wait to take him to our neighborhood pool soon!
Looks like we have a water baby!


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Shelli said...

Love the crab and the super cute boy in it! Kendall has a ladybug pool just like the crab! Yay for summer!

the workaholic momma said...

YAY!!! I love the crab and thats so awesome that he loves the water:)