a sniffly nose & a 1st birthday

I am all done with the sniffles at our house. It all started 3 weeks ago with an ear infection. The ear infection has left the building but now we have allergy/cold issues. Grayson has been to the doctor the past 2 Mondays and will be going again tomorrow. His nose has turned in to a leaky faucet! The snot sucker and cough syrup are our new best friends.

But, my boy is still happy and smiling.

oh, and big.

Yesterday, sniffles and all, we headed to Molly Cate's 1st birthday party!!

The birthday girl was so sweet. :)

It is so funny to see the differences in boys and girls even at such a young age. Molly Cate was dainty and delicate with her cupcake. Grayson rips apart his food and ends up covered every. single. time. I let Grayson try a cupcake. Shhhh..... {yes, he loved it!}

We are working really hard at crawling at our house. Grayson is getting SO close. When he saw MC crawl around so easily AND go up the stairs, his eyes lit up. I'm pretty sure he was taking notes.

They shared a birthday kiss...or lick.

Happy 1st birthday Molly Cate!