Mama Moment of Glory

So, every mom has one. A time where their mother's intuition or just general mama-ness {I'm pretty good at making up words} saves the day. Well, folks, I had my mama moment of glory last night. It included me, a baby boy, a bathtub, and poop.

Let me start by saying that we have not yet dealt with the horribleness of poop in the tub. knock on wood. I have heard horror stories from other moms so my main bath time goal is to stay poop-free.

We end every night with bath time. That's how we start G's bedtime routine. Last night was no different except for Ben was working late and it was just me and the babe. Grayson had been in the tub for a few minutes and was splashing around with all of his toys. That's when it happened. The face. Around here we call it the "poop face." Original, right?

I panic. I have only a few seconds to think. I can either a) just let it happen in the tub and break our poop-free tub streak, b) race to the nursery and put a diaper on that bottom & risk poop falling onto the carpet, or c) place my soaking wet 8 month old son on the toilet. Duh, I chose option c.

I grab my poor child who at this moment probably thought I was crazy. I put him on the toilet and he stares at me like I have completely lost my mind. I kind of thought he would get stage fright...or just be confused as to why he was sitting on a hole and not go. But, alas, I was wrong. Grayson pooped in the toilet. Yep, my child pooped in the toilet for the first time at 8 months old. That's what I call problem solving!

I was so happy that we still had a poop-free tub. Because poop in the tub? Sounds like a nightmare.

Want to know what happened after my moment of glory? Grayson pooped in his towel.
womp, womp, womp....

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The Anderson Family said...

This is hilarious! We have been dealing with this a lot lately. Seriously! Reed pooped in the tub 3 days in a row last week! I don't know what it is. I will try the early potty training next time. Luckily, I have caught it with toilet paper the last few times. haha Gross...