is it Friday?

Once school is out and I am officially on summer break I feel like I never know what day of the week it is. Maybe I should start teaching calendar at home to Grayson and the dogs. That would help with that problem.

You may remember that G has had 2 ear infections in the last month. We just finished his 2nd antibiotic on Wednesday. Well, he woke up last night around midnight with a fever of 101.7. Oy. Ben gave him tylenol and and he fell back asleep. Then he woke up around 3am. Burning up and pitiful. He woke up at 7 with no fever...but it returned after his morning nap. Over 102. SO, we made our weekly visit to Dr. Leeper's office. I love him so I really don't mind hanging out at his office, however, I'm kind of getting sick of the stupid co-pays. G doesn't have an ear infection {hooray!!} but instead he has Coxsackievirus {wtf?!}. We are now dealing with a virus that hangs out in my child's throat and causes it to hurt, have small ulcers, and get high fevers. sweet.

I've realized that since having Grayson I have become a little bit {or a lot bit according to my hubs} anal about my house being clean. Having 3 shedding canines doesn't help the situation. I feel like I sweep and vacuum pretty much every day and I still see dog hair. It drives me crazy. It drives me SO crazy that we are seriously considering ripping out all of the carpet downstairs and replacing it with a hardwood laminate. I would love real plank hardwoods but we've been told that the dogs would tear them up just like they've torn up our cheapy hardwoods we already have. I just can't deal with the dog hair stuck in the carpet anymore.

...guess what I'm about to do while the sickly boy sleeps? vacuum. hmph.

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