I am not spontaneous.

 Ben is the spontaneous one in our relationship. Me? I used to be. Having a baby kind of put a damper on that. We were running errands on Friday afternoon talking about how nice it would be for Ben to have 4 days off in a row--that NEVER happens. Ben looks at me and says, "we should go to Oxford this weekend." I gave him that 'you know that is absurd since it takes 4 1/2 hours to get there and it's already 2:00pm' face. Well, 2 phone calls later (one to the bestie who lives in O-town & one to the beloved pet resort we send the biggies to) and we were in a mad rush to pack and head to Mississippi! 

I'm not gonna lie. It totally stressed me out not having this in our original weekend plan.  Usually I make a list of everything G needs when we go out of town and have plenty of time to pack. Well on Friday I packed everything in 1 hour. I'm sure my poor husband thought I was going to lose my mind. 

However, I am so glad we went.  Oxford is great during football and baseball season, but, it is the best during the summer.  Most of the college kids go back home for the summer so it's pretty dead. We got to eat at all the good restaurants and shop in all the good stores & never had to worry about a crowd. Perfect. I also got to see my friend Jaclyn who lives in the desert El Paso & I never get to see! 

Whitney & I always have a great time and I just love her beautiful house.  I told her that she is coming here in the fall and will decorate my house. She has the best style. 
 me & the husband...thanks for making venture to our happy place!
 These were our fab host/hostess for the weekend.  They know how to entertain & are now fabulous margarita makers!
 Grayson had a great time crawling all over Whitney's house and was obsessed with her goldendoodle and his toys.
 I think he looks so old this picture! He looks like a toddler!
Funny story. I have always made Grayson's baby food. Well, I was almost out of everything when we left so I decided I would just buy some baby food when we got to town. I bought sweet potatoes, peaches, & squash. Apparently I am a better cook than Mr. Gerber because Grayson gagged every single time I tried to feed him that stuff the first day and refused to eat! Lo and behold, I ended up making some homemade food for Sir Grayson to enjoy. 

It was fun, Oxford! See you again in football season!

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