The Dark Side

So the other day I left my house looking like normal blonde Laura. But, I was on a mission. A mission to join the dark side. {sidenote: can we discuss how awkward it is to take a self pic??? I mean, really, I feel so emo. I don't know how people do those OOTD pics every.single.day. I feel lame posting these...forgive me}
Ta-da! Welcome back, brunette Laura. I had dark hair when I was 19...so basically, like a million years ago. I loved it at first, had a 10 minute spaz out at home later when I felt like I needed to go get a spray tan  ASAP because I look so dang pale with dark hair, and now I love it again. I was ready for a change.   I do have to look twice when I walk by a mirror because I don't recognize myself. Pretty strange. 

Happy Monday! 


Ashleigh Nichole said...

Welcome to the dark side hehe. It looks super cute ;) Have a great week girlie!

Becca said...

I love it!!! I think you look hot either way but the brown is gorgeous on you! And embrace your paleness... that's what I do anyway :)

Shelli said...

Love it! I had a minor freak out too. Ha! It looks really good and it's fun to mix it up!

melissa said...

You look great lady! Love the change for fall.

A Wedding Story said...

Looks pretty!

Christa said...

Love your hair! I'm really wanting to go darker!

Savannah said...

Looks great! Very fall. Love it!

Crystal Seed said...

Your hair looks awesome!!! I went dark before I had my baby...and I don't think I want to go back!!

Unknown said...

It looks great! :-)

Unknown said...

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