I feel like we've had a lot going on lately. Grayson has been sick with the dreaded hand, foot, & mouth disease...again. Thankfully, it was not nearly as bad as when he had it in June. Only one day of fever & about 5 days of Screamy McScreamerson. Yeah, sounds like fun, right? notsomuch. He seems to be 100% better today and woke up in a cheerful/normal G mood...thank the Lord!
Grayson got this sweet ride from his Mimi and Pops for his birthday. I'm pretty sure he thinks he's hot stuff when he is riding on it. He has 3 vehicles now...the push car, a Cozy Truck with jacked up wheels-thank his daddy for that one, AND a mini Kawasaki 4 wheeler. Ridiculous. He loves to ride!
 I made no-sew drop cloth curtains for our big kitchen window a few weeks ago and LOVE them. We finally have privacy in our kitchen and family room...just in time for them to start building directly behind us! They were super easy to make but a little time consuming.

 This is how Jack feels about the curtains. Ticked. How dare I block his daily sunlight?! How will he get his tan on?? His solution is to hide behind the curtains now. Demanding little fella.
 Since G is all big & bad now, we decided he should be allowed to sit at the table with us. We Ben packed up the highchair and Grayson has been sitting like a big boy in his booster seat! His friend, Ruby, gave him that cute PBK placemat that he eats off of/tries to throw to the floor. I am so happy that we have more room in our kitchen minus the big highchair!
Someone *cough GRAYSON cough* has been extremely attached to his mama lately. As in, pitches a royal terrible 2's fit if I don't hold him the second he wants me. This makes cooking dinner especially difficult. This was our solution last night. I am not a babywearing mama so this thing hasn't been used in like 8 months. I'm sure you can tell that Grayson was not so amused at being strapped on like a backpack. 
 We had a lot of slider buns left over from G's party so I wanted to find recipes to use them. I found this Buffalo Chicken Sliders recipe on pinterest and they were SO good. The buffalo sauce was so easy to make and it wasn't too hot.
It even got a thumbs up from the buffalo-loving husband! That is hard to do!

I also made these hot ham and cheese sliders. delish. My mom makes something very similar for Georgia tailgates and I have always loved them...glad to have this recipe now! 

In other news, I was supposed to be doing a 30 Day Shred Challenge with some blog/twitter friends and I sucked at it. Like, quit-after-3-days sucked. Sorry Laura & Lynsey! BUT, I found something else I'm doing. Thanks to DirecTV, we now have onDemand workouts! Holla! I was so excited about this. I get bored easily and don't like doing the same work out videos every day. So far, I have done pilates, kickboxing, and a hip hop dance cardio. I really need to post a video of me doing all 3--I look ridiculous. I love to dance & if you put me in da club, this white girl thinks she can dance. In my bonus room without an adult bev? I learned real quick that I can't. sad face. But, it was fun. I've been drinking tons of lemon water (thanks Katie!) and hopped on board with My Fitness Pal again. It really is amazing that after 3 days of working out, drinking lots of water, and eating healthier foods, I feel so much better. 

Okay, I feel all caught up now. phew. Happy Monday!


The Anderson Family said...

That baby wearing picture of you guys is hilarious! I'm glad he is getting back to his old self. We have missed hanging out with you guys!

Elizabeth said...

Love the baby wearing photo! Those sliders and ham biscuits look amazing!

Mallorie said...

Poor baby :-( Sick kiddo's are no fun...I'm glad it's not too bad this time! And LOVE your curtains, AND the dogs reaction...mine would prob do the same thing! All of your food looks delicious, don't you just love pinterest!!!

Ashleigh Nichole said...

1. I feel so bad for that sweet little one being so sick! I would much rather be sick then to have a child sick :(
2. I so think someday be might decided to actually race four wheelers n dirtbikes lol!
3. Poor little Jack n his little tan ;)
4. I think those foods look absolutely delish :)
I hope you all have a great week!

Julie @ The Smitten Mintons said...

The picture of G on your back cracks me up! And that's so funny- I posted the same picture of those ham sliders on my blog today...they reminded me of your mom's! We love those things!!

StephaE said...

I just found your blog! It's super cute! I have a daughter that is G's age! How did you do those curtains? I need some!