iphone snaps

 Ben and I got the new iPhone 4s today. Mine is pretty & white:) However, we are having mucho problemos syncing up our old iPhones to the new ones & all the hassle has turned my brain into mush. That & the fact that my child has been screaming since about 11:30 because the tooth monster came back to visit. Yep. Brain = mush.

I have over 1,000 pictures on my iPhone so I thought I would share a few recent snaps.
{some} of my pumpkins! I love all the different pumpkins that my little produce stand has. These are so fun!
G and his buddy Reed at the zoo observing flamingos. (sidenote: I almost called these creatures penguins. Seriously. My brain is gone)

He looks so cute in his little hoodie!

Jack sunning on the porch swing. Rotten.

Ellie has copied Jack and now hides behind the new kitchen curtains. These dogs are ridiculous!

Grayson loves doing downward dog. He does this all.the.time. Cracks me up!

We went to my friend Mary's house & G loves her little dog, Millie. He had the biggest smile on his face trying to chase her!

Obsessed with these jammies. The tie? really?? Amazing.

You may have seen this on the Twitterverse this morning...but, my child LOVES my coffee. He pitches royal fits if I don't give him a sip. I tried a Starbuck iced coffee via this morning and that boy stole my Tervis to get a sip! Ridiculous.
Happy Friday:)


Lynsey said...

So cute doing the downward dog. Mason does that all the time too. The dino pjs are one of my favorite. Mason rocks thus often.

Shelli said...

Get that boy in yoga toddler class! Ha! He is rocking those pjs!

Jen Watts said...

Love your pumpkins! And grayson's down dog is amazing!

Marci said...

Landon does the downward dog all the time too! And his daycare teacher said all the boys in his class do it (There are only 2 girls... apparently it isn't lady-like? :) hehe).