13 months

Grayson is 13 months old today! Some days it feels like we just had his party a few days ago and some days it feels like a long time has passed!

Here are the stats:
Weight: 20lbs
Height: 30in
Diaper: 4
Clothes: 12 month clothes & 18 month pajamas
Shoes: 4

Here are some things that happened with G this month:
  • Grayson is officially all done with bottles and formula. It was SO much easier than I expected. We actually stopped on his birthday and Grayson didn't even notice. They are packed away! 
  • We also packed up the highchair & G is using the booster seat at our kitchen table. It is so much easier to clean & he feels like a big kid eating with us:)
  • Saying: bye, da (dad), mum (I'm british), down, and everything else is beesh. Ha!
  • Still has 12 teeth but he is currently teething...we are waiting for #13!
  • Grayson starting pointing to things this month. He can point to people he knows and he points to the dogs when you ask about them.
  • Poor little man had Hand, Foot, & Mouth Disease this month AND the terrible, awful, no good stomach virus. He was pitiful! We are so happy to be healthy again! 
  • Grayson is doing better when he is dropped off at the church nursery & in his MOPS class. Hopefully the separation anxiety is easing off!  

I am still having the hardest time getting Grayson to try new foods. He is so picky! He will not eat a vegetable to save his life. Not even kidding. He gags! Right now his favorite foods are: chicken nuggets, veggie sticks, apple straws, grapes, strawberries, the free sugar cookies at Publix (ha!), yogurt, goldfish, and fig newton fruit thins. He still hates all milk but he drink ice water all day. Our doctor isn't too worried about the milk & I'm just happy he loves water! Also, this child is obsessed with coffee. He throws major tantrums if he doesn't get a sip. What baby hates milk but loves coffee?!

You may notice in these picture that G has a swollen top lip. We had a tripping-over-a-dog incident on the porch this afternoon and my little guy did a faceplant on to our porch. The porch is made of concrete--ouch! He was a trooper & loved sucking on the ice!
I can't believe our little guy is over a year old now! Grayson is well on his was to toddlerhood and becoming a lot more independent. Nobody told me how fun this stage was! I love it! 

Happy 13 months, G!


Sarah said...

He is so cute Laura.....and I loved the video you posted of him with the dog on FB :)

Fash Boulevard said...

so cute. happy he handled the face plant like a champ. lol. amazing post, love. if you get a second, please check out my JewelMint photo shoot. Love to hear what you think. xo


SnoopyMeg said...

I totally know what you are talking about with the coffee thing, my flynn LOVES him some coffee. He sees us drinking it and wants some too! I think that they like the fact that it is warm. A good way to get him to drink milk is to put a splash of coffee or hot chocolate (sugar free) in the milk and serve it warm, my little man totally buys that he is drinking "coffee" just like mom and dad!

Marci said...

happy 13 months Grayson!

Crystal Seed said...

He is just adorable! My little one turned 14 months today! I just can't believe it! So crazy how time flies!!!

Megan said...

Happy 13 months to him! He's a cutie!!

Heather Nelsen said...

He is seriously SO cute.
...Like your hair! :)