little moments

Last night I had a moment. One of those extreme moments of clarity. 

Ben was working late & I was doing the bedtime routine with Grayson. He is rarely a snuggler, but last night was different. After I turned his light out he snuggled up on my shoulder. Usually I just set him in his crib so he can fall asleep, but last night? Well, I decided to soak up that snuggly boy & rocked him for a few minutes. 

I love those moments.

My mind was flooded with memories of G as a newborn, sitting in that same glider in the middle of the night, & just staring at him before I put him in his crib. Then it really hit me how fleeting those moments really are.  Wasn't he just an infant yesterday?! Then it really hit me that my first baby would be the big brother soon

I really want to make sure I soak up these last 3 months with just Grayson. We will never have this time again. Part of me is so excited to give him a little brother & friend and part of me worries about it.  I don't want him to think that he is not important or that we love him any less. I want him to still feel special and I want him to adore his baby brother.

But, until then, for these next 12ish weeks? I will enjoy the little moments with my boy. I will soak up this toddler-only time. I will try to be more in the moment & worry less about silly to-do lists. 

Because this kid?
Well, he obviously has places to go & people to see and I don't want to miss out on any of it.


jeannie said...

Thanks for the good cry!

{annie_loo} @ The Farrar Four said...

Bless! He loves his momma! Enjoy these next few weeks just the 3 of y'all. Before you know it you'll be 4 and wonder what you ever did without them both.

Mallorie said...

Did you want to make all of us mommas cry?! haha! I have moments like that constantly when I realize my baby isn't a newborn anymore...and soon I will be looking at my toddler thinking that the baby days are gone.

It goes WAY. TOO. FAST. I am loving every minute of this age though!!!

Lynsey said...

Perhaps your best post to date. I'm now in a tears! You just put into words the exact feelings I am having towards Mason and Caroline's impending arrival. I want to soak it all up. Part of me wants to bottle this precious time up and save it for a rainy day when he is too grown and too cool for his parents.

Be still my heart.

lg2006 said...

What a sweet post and a CUTE picture!

Marci said...

Gosh darnit. Now I have to buy more tissues.