So What! Wednesday

This week I am saying SO WHAT if...

  • I almost forgot that today was Wednesday? I swear, now that I don't teach calendar every single day to 6 year olds, I never know what day it is. 
  • I took it really personal when Christina (excuse me, Xtina---stupid) got on to Tony Lucca for his song choice this week & basically said he was inappropriate? Number 1: 99 Problems was my favorite song during my sophomore year of college and was blasted many times during our "pre-parties." Number 2: DOES SHE NOT REMEMBER WEARING A THONG WITH CHAPS IN HER "DIRRRTY" VIDEO AND LETTING HER GIRLS HANG OUT ON TV EVERY MONDAY & TUESDAY FOR THE PAST FEW MONTHS?! Sorry, she bothers me. 
  • I have approximately 47 bug bites on my body right now? It's worth the itch to see my boy happy in the backyard. 
  • my child likes to walk around the house wearing his floatie & sunglasses?
  • Justin Bieber makes me feel like I'm 14 again and in love with Justin Timberlake? Oh, who am I kidding? I still love JT.
  • in an attempt to empty our pantry before our beach vacay next week I now realize we have no food? fail. 
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Melissa said...

Christina drives me crazy! Her "dirrrty" faze was way worse for women than "99 problems". --I also love that song.
I told my husband that Bieber reminds me of the old JT except I think Bieb's is adorable like a little puppy...which makes me feel old.

Brandy Bruce said...

There was a moment when Tony Lucca was talking to the coaches and Xtina was texting the whole time! On TV! She wouldn't even look at him.