So What! Wednesday

Let's get this show on the road! This week I am saying SO WHAT if...

  • I finally bit the bullet & bought 2 shock collars for the big dogs last night BUT know I will be sad when they are actually shocked? Yeah, the barking drives me CRAZY but I will still feel bad for them. 
  • I got all mama bear on a couple of 6 year olds at the neighborborhood pool yesterday? Don't mess with my kid.
  • I made a strawberry cake this week just because?
  • I am already a little stressed out about being in the hospital with Griffin and away from Grayson? I mean, it's 3 days. That seems like a lot. 
  • it is so dang hot that I have been averaging about 3 showers a day lately? Surely with all the sweating that is going on I just won't gain any more baby weight. Surely.   

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Melissa said...

I know how you feel about being in the hospital and away from your son. When I had my youngest, it was when the H1N1 virus was going around, and we were not allowed to have any visitors besides the two people we chose to give wristbands to (my mom and my husband's dad), and absolutely no kids. I couldn't see my oldest for three days. They wouldn't even let him stay in the waiting room so that I could come out (even without the baby) and see him for a minute. I was devastated, and I missed him SO much. It was difficult to celebrate all of the joy that a new baby brings without him. Next time (if there IS a next time), I'm going to look into a birthing center, but Hubby doesn't like that idea. :)

Anonymous said...

Jarrod mentions getting a shock collar weekly. I just can't do it, but as time goes on, I think it may be worth a try. I'd feel bad once Sammy's shocked, too! (Zia doesn't really bark.)

I'm going to make a banana cake just because. Hey, at least it's fruit. ;)

Natalie said...

I need a shock collar for my dog Molly she drives me bonkers when she does her whole high pitch bark when someone arrives at the house. I am nervous as well about leaving Nolan for a few days---and sometimes you've got to show those little 6 year olds what's up!

Jen Watts said...

sister, you are better than me...Elvis has been given to a friend...I'm way too hormonal to speak these words out loud. do you hate me??

I am stressing more over Carsyn than having this baby!!

Strawberry cake??? MMmmmmm

Vanessa Miller said...

I have a GIANT Black Lab. He is a beast. He also loves to bark. We originally got him a shock collar to train him to hunt. I felt really bad for him at first and I didn't want to use it at all. You especially feel bad when you forget to turn it down and it shocks him a little more than you'd like (oops). But honestly, he learned so quickly that we hardly ever had to actually shock him. When he sees the remote, he understands what it is. Even now, we haven't used it in months because when we remodeled our house, we lost the charger and we can't use it. (I am LOST without it!) But his attitude still changes when he sees the remote. Best investment you can make.

All About Jillzy said...

we have a remote collar for our dog. it doesnt shock her, but a muscle stimulation. it's merely to get and keep her attention. so when she barks, we push the button and say "quiet" as we push the button and then when she is quiet, we push the button again and say "good quiet". she learns positive reinforcement that way, rather pain and fear. pics of your dogs are adorable!

Lynsey said...

Our next step is shock collars for our dogs. The barking is enough to drive anyone crazy. Let me know how they work for y'all.

I worried so much about being away from Mason while I was in the hospital. I missed him so much but I knew he was in good hands and honestly, you have so much going on that you don't have a lot of time to think about anything else other than the new baby. And the smiles G will give when he comes to see you... worth every penny!