So What! Wednesday

It's Wednesday! This week I am saying SO WHAT if...

  • I skip over the sponsored blog posts that everyone has to do at the same exact time? meh. b o r i n g. 
  • I ruined my child's nap on Monday so that I could drive to Green Hills & meet Jen & Carsyn for lunch? It was so worth the cranky, whiny toddler!
I mean, how cute are these birthday twins?! I still can't believe they will be welcoming new baby brothers a week apart from each other!
  • I have been contemplating buying some fun scrapbook papers and making a paper chain countdown for Griffin's birthday? 89 days or less, people! 
  • I spazzed yesterday morning when I realized I only have THREE months left of this pregnancy and then a REAL LIFE baby will join our family? 
  • I really, really, really hate that my last day of MOPS is this morning? I love the group of girls I have met & become friends with and I can't wait for it to start up again in August! 
  • my online shopping carts are always full but I rarely ever hit purchase? It's like window shopping...online.
  • I really want a new blog design but I really don't want to pay for one?
  • I got SUPER excited and perhaps squealed when I found out I won an awesome giveaway this week? I never win anything! I won an Oreck air purifier and can't wait to use it!!
That's all I've got, folks! Hop on over to Shannon's blog so you can link up!


Lynsey said...

Oh the cuteness of those two! I so wish we lived closer! I am with you on skipping over sponsored blog posts. So boring. I am in need of a blog makeover too but like you, it's one of the last things I want to spend money on. Maybe we can win one?!

Unknown said...

I know, i skip over blog sponsor posts too... and I sponsor 2 blogs! I say they talk about who sponsors them throughout the month. or like sneek it in when a sponsor is in context to the post. your layout's pretty adorable! But yeah, I am dropping some cash on having mine professionally redone. I just can't find a free layout I like!
I'm stopping by from SWW. Holler!

melissa said...

Amen on the sponsored posts! I've actually stopped reading a few blogs who keep posting boring, sponsored posts. Once it's clear people are bloggings for income, I've lost interest.

What's MOPS exactly? I assume it's a mom's group but is it affiliated with church or something else? Just wondering - sounds like it's fun!

89 days - no way!

Elizabeth said...

I am super jealous u won that purifier!!!!!

A Wedding Story said...

Blog design has gotten outrageous. A girl who did my first blog has gone from $40 per design to over $200. WHAT?!? I missed my calling.

Happiness Is... said...

Amen on the sponsored posts. It's so damn forced, I can't stand it. I've almost left a few comments just to be nice about it (like please go back to being yourself and not talking about packing b/c that's what Huggies said to talk about) ... but then I dread the post the next day about how "if you don't have something nice to say...." Anyway, I am right there with you. SO.BORING.AND.OVERDONE.