G is 20 months old!

G turned 20 months on Saturday! Yikes, that is really close to being TWO!
Weight: 22.6lbs -- still a little guy!
Height: I'm guessing around 33 inches
Diaper: 4 during the day/5 at night
Clothes: 12 month shorts (haha!) & the rest is all 18m/24m
Shoes: 5
I feel like G's vocabulary has tripled this month! We went from being the only ones that understood his select few words to having him be a little parrot that copies everything we say. Here are some of his newest words: duck, bat, hat, shoes, juice, eww, uh oh, shhhh, night night, hot, jeep, choo choo, Nana, Mimi, snack, bird, yeah, moon, and his own sweet version of "excuse me!"

G is also saying more simple sentences like "hi Jack" and "bye bye mama." I love that we can communicate so much better now! Downside: he copies everything and we have to be really careful. He's a little copycat!
What's been going on the past month:
  • G has become obsessed with stickers & bandaids. He loves to put stickers all over himself and anyone else nearby. We find them ALL over the house!
  • He moved into his new bedroom and loves it! It is more of a big boy bedroom with things he loves: trucks! He is doing great in his new space and loves his room.
  • G now notices babies...just in time! He is fascinated by them all of a sudden. We talk about how you have to be quiet when babies are sleeping so when we see a baby somewhere he always says "shhhhhhhh." 
  • We play outside all day/everyday. This boy is happiest outside & I love that about him! 
  • His trucks and trains are still his favorite toys. G is all boy! 
  • Still a picky eater but getting better about actually trying new foods. Maybe we are slowly growing out of the world's pickiest toddler phase??
  • G loves all sports that involve a ball. He gets super excited when football is on tv and shouts "touchdown!" Ben will now say "down, set..." and G will shout "hut! hut! hut!"
  • G's favorite time of day is 4:00pm when the school bus stops in front of our house and drops off all of his older friends. He gets so happy to see the big kids! 
  • He is SO friendly and yells "hi" to everyone he sees. He's pretty adamant about people returning his greeting and will say it over & over again:) 
Grayson is at such a great stage right now. He has a much easier time understanding & telling me what he wants/needs. He's becoming more independent & is so great at entertaining himself--this will come in handy when Griffin arrives! 

Grayson has such a great personality & we are having so much fun watching him learn new things! Happy 20 months, G!

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