Grayson is so full of personality. I always want to just bottle it up so I can look back a few years from now & remember some of the funny things he does. He definitely keeps us on our toes! Here are a few "Grayson-isms" as of lately...

  • In order for us to be able to play in the backyard, I have to scoop up after the dogs at least once a day. Well, after a few weeks of watching me do this, G decided that he also needed a job. He is now the "Poo Poo Patrol." He will walk around the yard and as soon as spots dog poop he completely freaks. He starts pointing in a very dramatic way & shouting "ewwwwwwww! yuck! ewwwwww!" He will not rest until it has been scooped.
  • G loves any sport that involves a ball. Football and basketball seem to be his favorite. While most kids his age request to watch Caillou & Mickey Mouse, Grayson prefers ESPN. One morning when it was just the 2 of us he hopped on the couch and pointed to the tv. I turned it on and found Curious George. Almost immediately, G started getting agitated and saying "nooo! nooo! Touchdown!" Okay. Well, it's May & there aren't many football games on tv. I tried my hardest to find something, anything, on the 874958437528 ESPN channels that we have...nada. For the next 5 minutes a crying G sat on the couch saying "touchdown! touchdown! touchdown! football!" Pitiful.
  • Grayson now kind of understands the purpose of a toilet. He understands that what he does in diapers, big people do in toilets. Well, I guess we have said "ew" one too many times during a diaper change, because now whenever he sees a toilet he says "ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!"
  • It is no secret that G loves trucks. We look at countless truck books & see construction trucks on our street every single day. Apparently, G thinks Ben should be the one that drives all of the trucks. When he sees them he always says, "truck. Dada!" The garbage truck, the dump truck, the mail truck, you name it...it's followed by "dada" every time.
  • This child is a true animal lover. We have a blue bird family that builds a nest in our back fence (this is the 4th year!) & they love to perch on the fence when the dogs are outside. Probably because Ellie has tried to kill them, but that's another story. Anyway, if Grayson sees them he immediately walks over the the fence waving and saying "hey! hi! heeyyy!" to the birds. He pretty much does this with every animal he sees...including a butterfly yesterday:) He is so friendly!

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Stephanie said...

My nephew was the same way about football. My youngest brother, not his father, plays college ball and Will thought that the games on tv where his uncle playing. It got so bad that every one of us DVRed a game so that when Will visited and he demanding to see his uncle play ball, he could.