28 weeks with Griffin

*How far along?: 28 weeks 1 day...hello, 3rd trimester!
*Total weight gain?: 16ish pounds..I go back to the doctor next week!
*How big is baby?: a head of cauliflower...that seems big!
*Sex: another sweet boy!
*Maternity clothes: I'm now wearing my husband's t-shirts if that tells you anything about my stomach.
*Stretch marks: Nope. fingers crossed! Palmers is my friend!
*Sleep: I'm thankful for benadryl this week. That's all I'll say about that!
*Symptoms: lower back pain and pressure, you know, down there. Neither of which ever happened with G. Grayson was stuck in my ribcage and it hurt so bad...I wonder if Griffin is hanging out a little lower?
*Best moment this week: Grayson is in his new bedroom {and loves it!} & the nursery is cleared out & ready to be re-organized. That will begin when we get back from the beach!
*Movement: I can tell he's bigger and stronger...he moves a lot!
*Food cravings: I've actually been wanting more water. This is shocking. 
 *Labor signs: I've actually had a few experiences with Braxton Hicks contractions recently. They aren't as kind as I remember...ouch.
*Belly button in or out: it's ALMOST out. wah.
  *What I miss: being able to be on my feet all day & not have to worry about my back hurting
*What I'm looking forward to: setting up Griffin's crib when we get back from the BEACH!! 

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Mallorie said...

EEE you're getting there! And I had pain/pressure "down there" at the end. Not fun.... :-( I feel your pain my friend!!! Can't wait to see beach pictures! hope you're having a blast!!!