• Last week I said bye bye to my brunette self & hello to a much more blonde-ish self! It took a couple of days to get used to seeing more than just a solid color on my hair, but I was more than ready to get some blonde back! I'm definitely a blonde at heart. 
  • First things first, G loves sunglasses. Right now he has 3 pairs. We went to target last week and he PITCHED A FIT until he got these blue sunglasses. I like them. He's pretty old school. 
  • Saturday was one my favorite Franklin festivals...Main Street Festival! I love living in a town that has a historic downtown & still has street festivals. G and I went by ourselves on Saturday morning while Ben was at work & then the 3 of us headed that way again later in the afternoon. Grayson had a big time! We heard that Ryan Seacrest was there with Julianne Hough (of course I didn't see them) AND Eli Manning was there. Gah. That little Ole Miss Rebel in the picture above would have looked pretty darn cute posing with Eli.
  • One thing I have learned a lot about since becoming a {boy} mom is trucks. Before G? All trucks were simply that...trucks.  Post G? I can name just about every single truck/machine there is. The toddler? Well, he can point them out. Excavators, skid steers, front loaders, dump trucks, cement mixers, rollers, cranes...I mean, really. WHY ARE THERE SO MANY TRUCKS?!
  • See this cute guy? His name is Gerrard. I'm on the hunt for him. I want him to be Griffin's monthly picture friend. Gerrard the Giraffe. I kinda love him! 


Elizabeth said...

Love the hair, g's glasses are awesome!

Alyssa said...

A must-get... My Big Truck Book.

My son is 8 and we still read that book!

Vanessa Miller said...

Barnes and Nobles sells Gerrard the Giraffe!


Crystal Seed said...

Gerrard is probably the cutest Giraffe I've ever seen! I love him!!! I can't wait to start seeing those pictures! Eeek!

Happiness Is... said...

That giraffe is too cute! I totally know what you mean about the trucks ... we walk with a little boy who is 3, and he is the SAME way. Loader, cherry picker, excavator - so cute!

Anonymous said...

Us blondies just can't REALLY stay away from the color, can we? :)

I thought about getting that truck book for Ethan the other night at B&N...but I didn't. It's on the wish list, though. :)