iphone picture dump

I love the quirky little things that G does on a regular basis. For some reason, he loves balancing random objects on his head during bath time. He's pretty darn good at it! Sign him up for the circus, stat. 
Apparently our boy is now big enough to hold his own popsicle. We love our afternoons in the backyard with sweet lemon popsicles! 
It's no secret that G loves him some construction trucks. Most of the time I hate living in new construction because it's loud, I get nails in my tires, and...it's loud. BUT? My boy loves walking down the street to see all the trucks & has made friends with many construction workers. This crane was fascinating to him & we spent a good 15 minutes staring and pointing. Free entertainment!
Last weekend our neighborhood had their annual spring garage sale. I love the thrill of the hunt at garage sales...it's so fun! I found this AWESOME Step 2 playset for $30 and couldn't pass it up. Our backyard is now complete! G is loving the slide!
Could this picture be any sweeter?! Gray is our next door neighbor & G's very best friend. She is 2 and they are SO sweet together! This was after MOPS last week when we were walking to our cars. I had to get a picture!
Bedhead & 2 froggies: it's how we begin every morning.
G has this obsession right now with stickers and band-aids. He calls all of his boo boos "bambos" & immediately needs a band-aid when he gets hurt. and I do mean immediately! Last week he was playing in the backyard while I made his lunch inside. He decided to climb up the stairs to come in & then changed his mind and turned back around. Boom. He fell on the concrete stoop and scraped his knees. Then why is there a gigantic big bird band-aid on his face? Well, because he is a toddler and that is where he demanded it go. Typical.
 ...and just a sneak peek from this week at the beach. G loves it!

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