11 months

 Grayson is 11 months old today! He is only one month away from his 1st birthday. How can that even be possible??
 The stats:

Weight: roughly 19.5lbs
Height: I have no idea! We will find out next month!
Clothes: all 12 month clothes
Diaper: size 3
Shoe: size 3
 Grayson has been a BUSY boy this month! We can officially say that we have a walking child! He started walking about 2 weeks ago but was still pretty wobbly. This week he has pretty much mastered it! All that the little man wants to do is walk in a big circle around our downstairs...all day. He is having so much fun discovering the world from a whole new angle & we are having so much fun watching him. I like this whole walking thing....brings on a lot of independence! ...and he looks REALLY cute in his new sandals!
 Some other fun things G has been up to:
  • He can say "da da," "ba ba" (bye), and the newest as of yesterday, "mama!" melt. my. heart.
  • Loves to throw balls. He has been watching us throw the tennis ball to Jack and will now get the ball & throw it so Jack can get it. Pretty funny! 
  • G went to the beach for the first time...and hated it!
  • He got his first stomach virus that lasted 8 days. It was miserable!
  • Grayson isn't very interested in tv. However, he is obsessed with Baby Beethoven. He watches it in the car all the time. I'm pretty sure Ben & I have it memorized!
  • He makes a funny "woof" noise when you ask him what a doggie says. 
  • Grayson can now wave to people and says "ba" while waving goodbye.
 Grayson has decided this month that he is the pickiest eater in the world. He has gotten really bad about not even trying things if he's not used to them...therefore, we are really struggling to get him to try new foods. Frustrating. For breakfast he eats a piece of raisin bread or a waffle & some fruit/yogurt. For lunch he has chicken nuggets, veggie sticks (does that count as a veggie?? ha!), and some fruit. For dinner I give him what we are eating in hopes that he will try it...usually that doesn't happen. I keep trying! His favorite snack foods are: goldfish, graham crackers, mum mums, grapes, strawberries, yogurt covered raisins, & fig newton fruit thins.
 Grayson is still sleeping great at night. I say that to remind myself to count my lucky stars...but, he has been starting the whole "I like to wake up at the crack of dawn" thing again. This mama is tired. On a typical morning, G will start talking to himself and his lovies at 5am. I usually don't go in there to get him until 6:00 in hopes that he will fall back asleep. I'm convinced that he needs to live on a farm so that he can get up with the roosters and milk cows. G is still taking 2 naps a day. His morning nap only lasts about an hour now and his afternoon nap is about an hour and a half. He is too busy to sleep much during the day!
 Some of G's favorite things right now are:
  • his sippy cups
  • the dog bowls
  • my fake pears sitting on a shelf:) He walks to them ALL day long and then throws them all over the floor. 
  • my iPad charger
  • His firetruck push toy
  • the car shopping cart at Publix 
  • opening and closing cabinets and drawers
  • the park..especially the mulch and the swing!
I feel like Grayson is so grown up all of a sudden. His hair is getting so long and makes him look like such a little boy! I love this stage because he is more independent but also still needs his mama.  He is so good at playing by himself & can keep himself entertained in his playroom all day! G is a little chatterbox and I can't wait to be able to understand him. I love his sweet little voice! I love this boy more than anything and can't believe that he's been here for 11 whole months!

Happy 11 months, little G!


Elle The Heiress said...

Wow, I can't believe he is already 11 months!

The Burfitt's said...

gosh he is a cutie!!

The Anderson Family said...

Happy 11 months, little Grayson! Reed can't wait to play with you again!

Shelli said...

I just can't believe he will be one in a month! I love his blonde hair!!

Heather Nelsen said...

He is so cute!! I'm nominating you for the Versatile Blogger Award! :) To find out more, click here: http://notesfromthenelsens.blogspot.com/2011/08/versatile-blogger-award-7-facts-about.html

Julie @ The Smitten Mintons said...

He is so adorable!! I love his little hairdo!