getting organized

Yesterday I mentioned that I made a cleaning schedule for myself. Julie at The Smitten Mintons asked me about my little chore schedule so I thought I would do a post about it. Y'all. This schedule has changed my life. Not even kidding! Pre-Grayson, I was never organized & I never had a house that looked presentable at any given time. Post-Grayson, I have become a little bit type A (keywords: little bit). I long for a clean house & organization. But trust me, that doesn't come naturally. 

Enter the schedule. I made this last month and it has been the best thing ever. Instead of spending an entire Saturday cleaning the entire house, I now space everything throughout the week. Here is what my schedule looks like via crappy iPhone pic:

I'll break it down for you...
Sunday: sweep the hardwoods & dust
Monday: sweep the hardwoods & vacuum rest of the house
Tuesday: sweep & clean master bathroom
Wednesday: grocery day, sweep, and vacuum
Thursday: sweep & clean upstairs guest bathroom
Friday: sweep, vacuum, clean downstairs half bathroom
Saturday: sweep and change/wash sheets

I have 3 dogs. 3 dogs who shed like crazy...it's actually a miracle any of them have any hair at all. This is why I sweep every.single.day. and also why I vacuum so often. I despise dog hair & I try to get rid of it the best I can.

I also found a printout from Martha Stewart on Pinterest recently of 6 things to do every day. It is just a simple list of things to do that will make your life easier. The 2 things on this list that helped me the most?
1. Manage clutter. I am a clutter magnet. Ben used to always make a "Laura's Pile of Junk" stack on our bar. A few weekends ago I found a home for all of my random things. I make it a point to clear off our bar area (where our my crap seems to try to live) every night now.
2. Sort through your mail every day. Seems simple, but we didn't always do it. We have a mail basket that got out of control. I sort our mail every day and immediately throw away the stuff we don't need.

Okay...random, I know, but I hoped it helped someone! I wish I had been doing this while I was still working...it really would have made my life easier!

I'm open for more suggestions on keeping your house clean & organized...what do you do??


Shelli said...

I printed your schedule! Ha! I tried to make one sometime last year but I left too much to do everyday which ended up with me sitting on the couch watching TV - not doing anything!!

Shelli said...

Oh and could you give me some details on buying your domain? Who did you go through? Cost? How does it work? etc?

Mallorie said...

I LOVE this! Once we get all setteled I am totally going to have one of these!!! :-)

Sarah said...

OMG I NEEDED this! You have really inspired me! I only have 1 dog but she sheds enough for 3- Brett always has dog hair on his socks and I HATE it! This is a great schedule to use! Thanks!

Elle The Heiress said...

I actually have a post scheduled to go live on my blog in a few weeks with my cleaning schedule. =)

Lynsey said...

Love this. We have two dogs and I am so over the dog hair!!!

Julie @ The Smitten Mintons said...

Ah thank you!!! I needed this!

The Anderson Family said...

This is great! I am going to print one out for myself.