Baby Products I Heart: almost ONE edition.

Now that Grayson is almost 1 {that's plain crazy, btw.}I thought I would make another list of all the baby products we have been loving recently. I have done this twice before...when he was a newborn and when he was 6 months old. Go check them out if you are a newbie! 

The Sassy Dippin' Dinner plate set. I love these. I bought them in this 4 pack at Publix for $6ish and they come with 2 Lids. They have rubber on the bottom so it is harder for Grayson to slide it off his high chair. It also has the little dipping section for those kids (cough *GRAYSON* cough) who are obsessed with condiments. They have a variety of colors...you know how I love  my color!
Weet Woo! This is a really cool app for iPads and iPhones. It is basically a YouTube just for little kids.  Those are the categories they have (listed above) for all sorts of kid-friendly videos. We mostly use it for kid shows and music. Just to name a few of what they have: The Wiggles, Fraggle Rock (hello, 80s!),  Raffi, Caillou, Charlie and Lola, Clifford, Yo Gabba Gabba, Thomas the Train, etc. It is a life saver when we are waiting on the doctor!
Baby Gap 2 piece long sleeve/pants pajamas. This is now what Grayson sleeps in at night. They are soft, true to size, don't have annoying tags, and come in REALLY cute patterns. You can get them at the Gap Outlet for $10 and save a few bucks!
The 7 inch Sony portable DVD player. Grayson is not a fan of long car rides. Before we went to Oxford in July, we stopped by Target and bought this for the car. It's  my new best friend. It kept the little man entertained the whole way!
This goes with the portable DVD player. It is a portable DVD player case made by Case Logic also found at Target.  This little guy straps on the head rest in your car, secures the DVD player with a velcro strap, & let's you watch movies! It took us almost 8 hours to get home from Destin & Grayson didn't cry once. He was too busy watching Baby Beethoven in the back!
The Fisher Price Ride-On fire truck. Grayson got this from my parents last month and he uses it ALL the time. He pushes it around & loves lifting the seat up and putting small toys in the hidden compartment. He also loves to be pushed around! Pretty soon he will be tall enough to scoot around on it by himself. It plays music and makes lots of different sounds. It comes with a fire hat too:)
Disposable placements by Table Toppers. These are awesome. Now that Grayson is only eating regular table food, he eats with us at restaurants. However, I don't trust plates that he can break. I bought these at Publix for $6.  They stick on all four sides on the table so that little hands can't rip them off.  The thought of Grayson eating food straight off of a restaurant table makes me want to gag...these solve the problem! 
The Pocket Bibsters by Pampers. I love taking these when we go out to eat so I don't have to worry about a dirty bib going back in my back. These are inexpensive, velcro together, have a big pocket to catch food, and they easily fit in my diaper bag when we head out the door.
Are there any products that you think I am missing out on?


SnoopyMeg said...

I also love, love gap pjs! When he is ready, their underwear are awesome!

Elle The Heiress said...

I love Table Toppers, they've been on my must have list since Sebastian started eating table food. We even use them at home so there isn't as big of a mess on the table (he had a Stokke style high chair without a tray). You have to be careful, though, because some of them only have adhesive on the top & bottom instead of all four sides. Sebastian can rip those off in just a few seconds. =/

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