This post is mostly for me. I have some goals for myself and if I don't write them down, I won't hold myself accountable for them. It's a new (school) year and that's when I always had these grand goals for my classroom & kids...so this year, I will just be transferring that energy to my home/family. Here we go, folks:

  • Have a better daily chore schedule for myself. I need a system in place so that I can get everything done that I need to get done & so that my house is always perfectly decently clean. Any tips on setting up a schedule?
  • Set aside a time each and every day to read my bible/do my bible study. I need this. 
  • Continue to coupon and hunt down grocery deals at Publix. I refuse to go to 4 different stores to save money each week...too much of a hassle when you are carting around another life. But, Publix has great deals each week and I just need to get a good system going. We are living without a 2nd income this year & I feel like it is my responsibility to save us money wherever I can. I actually did better this week! I spent $83 and saved $23...to you professional frugalistas, that doesn't sound good. However, to me, that was a BIG improvement! 
  • Healthier living. When the temps go below 100, I will resume my daily walks with Grayson. I am going to hop back on track with my workouts during his morning nap. I actually want to join the Y in the fall & let him go to the childcare area while I work out. 
  • Keep track of my calories. I downloaded the My Fitness Pal app on my iphone & love it so far! It is so easy to record all of your food, drinks, and workouts. It has really helped me not want to eat fast food because I can plug in a meal and see just how many calories I will consume & it grosses me out. 
  • Find a playgroup/other mamas to hang out with. I have a blind potential friend date next week. I'm nervous. I feel like I'm on match.com
  • Be more organized in our home. Easier said than done. 
  • Complete all of these projects I have in my head (thank you, Pinterest) and complete them without breaking the bank! First up: drop cloth curtains...
What are some of your goals?


    KatieB. said...

    These are great! Do you read Blue Eyed Bride's blog (www.blueeyedbride)? She has been doing several posts recently on her Home Management Notebook - essentially a one-stop location for chores, to-do lists, recipes, meals, etc. It's awesome and she even has free printables! Definitely super helpful for moms.

    KatieB. said...

    Ha! Just saw she's linked on your blog roll. Still, her home organization notebook is the bomb.

    Anonymous said...

    Love these goals! My goal is plain and simple: get our blog up and running! :) As far as the cleaning post goes, Check out Healthy Tipping Point (http://www.healthytippingpoint.com/2011/07/the-daily-chore-calendar.html is the post). There are lots of great tips + comments...it's also one of my favorite blogs.

    Elle The Heiress said...

    This list sounds like I could have written it! In fact, I probably have a few times. Hopefully you have better luck with it than I ever have! =)

    Jen Watts said...

    Ha! Good luck on your blind date ;)
    Am I insane or does the strive to get organized multiply immensely after having kids??

    L.Caroline said...

    I am definitely with you on the first one! I've been trying really hard to do this and haven't come up with a great system, yet. I'll definitely blog about it if I do, ha!

    da Camara Family said...

    Laura I have My Fitness Pal for my iPhone and I absolutely love it! It definitely keeps me on track!!

    Anonymous said...

    Hi, I'm Laura and I'm EXTREMELY late to this post (Life is NUTS right now...ahem...), but I LOVE My Fitness Pal, and I think you should add me on there! :)

    And yeah...don't get me started on Pinterest projects that are consuming my thoughts and time! ;)