end of summer fun

 This is a random picture post...I haven't posted any of my G-man in a little while! We've been busy little bees around here; especially now that I am chasing a walker! We've been going to the park almost every day. Grayson is having so much fun now that he can move around! He loves watching the big kids & trying to chase after them.  We've had a few fun playdates recently, too. I actually just joined a mom group -- that makes me really feel old & momish -- and I'm loving getting to know other moms from the area and letting G play with lots of kids! Here are some pictures of what we've been up to...
Hutson (my friend Alex's 5 month old) and Grayson playing at our indoor church playground. These 2 will be troublemakers before we know it!
G skinny dipping after dinner. It's the easiest way to clean him off-ha!

1st taste of lemon..he actually loved it and wanted another piece! Weirdo!

always on the go! He looks so tiny to be walking!

G and his cute friend, Ruby. They had music class together earlier in the summer and he always wanted to be near Ruby. (and steal her headband)

G, Ruby, and Molly Cate. We played at church together and I learned that it is REALLY hard to take a picture of 3 babies.

Daddy will always be more fun than mama. End of story.


3 words: Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. I love how he has my iPhone and 2 remotes close by. Such a man.

Banging on the window and talking to Hudson....his new favorite activity. Too bad it only lasts 43 seconds since the dogs can't stand the heat!

Big boy drinks his morning bottle all by himself now. So grown up!

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