Pinnable Me Friday - fall

My body is yearning for fall. I am tired of walking outside to get the mail only to have a trail of sweat pour down my back. Welcome to Tennessee I suppose. I love fall. I love when it starts to get cool for the first time and I get to wear jeans. I love pumpkins and cinnamon-y candles. Here are a few of the things I have been pinning that I want/must have for fall..

Source: zappos.com via Laura on Pinterest

Fun fact: I love chuck taylors.  I wore my pink ones for probably 4 years in college until they finally died. Ben was thrilled. Then I bought my carolina blue ones! Ha. They have about had it. I will be purchasing the charcoal ones this year & G will have some red baby chucks!

Source: jcrew.com via Laura on Pinterest

I'm a sucker for a good looking jacket. Courtesy of J. Crew. 

I really love the metallic pumpkins. A diva pumpkin?? perfect.

I really might do this since G can't really help out with pumpkin carving this year. All you do is drill holes into the pumpkins to create a really neat look once they are lit. So easy!!

What are you loving for the fall?? Go link up with Stefanie!


Katie said...

Love these! All my pins are Fall related too. Those pumpkins are so neat - I am going to have to "pin" those too! C'mon Fall - we are ready for you!!

Julie @ The Smitten Mintons said...

I love that last pumpkin idea! I think I'll be trying that this year!

The Anderson Family said...

Love those grey chucks! Carlyn went through a chuck taylor stage and I always loved that color. It goes with everything! Can we have matching shoes? Oh and can you buy me a new pair of Fryes when you get yours? haha