pinterest pretties - organization.

I am always trying to keep my bathroom cabinets organized. I have a ton of stuff in one small space. I use baskets like these, but never thought of stacking them on a shoe rack! Great way to use all of your space.

Source: bing.com via Laura on Pinterest

I love this! Instead of pictures I would put cute labels on the front of those small drawers.  I want to add a craft nook for myself in our computer room.  This would be great for all my small craft supplies and ribbon that I never know how to store! 

The computer room is still a major work in progress at our house. I really want this room to be the area where I keep our calendar weekly menu, and important things that end up on our bulletin board. I love how this office has storage, whiteboards, and cork boards all in one spot. 

Source: None via Laura on Pinterest

See a trend here? My brain is telling me that I need an area like this to be my Mother Ship of all information.  Again, I like everything about this...except for the chalk boards. {random tidbit about yours truly: I despise chalk. I have a chalk phobia. One of the first things I always told my first graders was this weird hatred of chalk I had...that way I never had to touch the sidewalk chalk! Gives me heebie jeebies just thinking about it.} I have been looking for those little wall mounted mail organizers at TJ Maxx, Home Goods, and Tuesday Morning. No success...yet. I am pretty persistent when I am on the hunt for something!

How do you organize your home office? I would love to know some tips/tricks! Organization is definitely not my strength!


Marci said...

Home office? Organizatiion? Are you speaking french?

Becca said...

What is your pinterest link? I want to follow you!

PS. I moved my blog to wordpress and forgot to tell you. It's www.lovelyinpinkbb.wordpress.com. As if you haven't loved how many times I've changed it!

Becca said...

Ok so ignore my comment. I'm already following you! I haven't used it much so I'm still a little confused on how it works...