Reasons I Love My Kid #3

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  • He is SO friendly to everyone he meets. It doesn't matter if it is the garbage man, construction worker walking down our sidewalk, or the cashier at Target...everyone gets a "HEY!" He loves people from all walks of life. I hope it stays that way. Love his sweet heart.
  • He is obsessed with Jack. He loves Hudson & Ellie, too, but he LOVES Jack. He even changes his voice when he talks to Jack! It cracks me up. He talks in a baby voice...I'm guessing because Jack is so small? It's pretty funny! 
  • When Jack is napping, he shares his froggy lovies with him. So sweet. 
  • He loves giving "knuckles" now to people. 
  • He likes to "help" scoop the the dog poop in the backyard...aka: be on poo poo patrol at all times. He immediately runs over after a dog goes to the bathroom & demands it be scooped RIGHT THEN. It's funny. also? He is SO dramatic about. "Mama! EWWWWWW! Poo poo! Huddy! EW! Yuck!"
  • The way he says "see you soon" may be THE cutest thing ever. It comes out more like "shee-you shoon." I could listen to that little voice 24/7!
  • His sweet friendship with our next door neighbor, Gray. I just love these two. They are the best of friends! Pretty soon Gray's brother Eli will be home from Africa & I can't wait to the 3 of them together. When G "talks" on the phone there is a good chance he is saying "hey Gray!"
  • G's little imagination is coming to life & is so fun to watch! He is obsessed with all things BOY...especially any kind of lawn equipment. He already has a lawnmower & a blower but he had to get creative with his weed "eata." He found this old part of our hose & now uses it as his "eata"....sound effects & all! He was following Ben around with this yesterday as he was mowing the front yard. Such a helper!

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Perfectly Imperfect said...

i can practically here him saying "see you soon" and it's pretty darn adorable in my head :)