Operation: Spoil G During His Last Week of Being An Only Child

This post could also be called A Gigantic Photo Dump. 

We hit the 1 week mark on Monday & I decided that was a pretty big deal. Not only was it a big deal because we only had a week until we meet baby brother, but it meant we only had one week left with just Grayson. Only one week left of my first baby being an only child. That's a pretty big deal & I decided that we needed to celebrate. All. Week. Long. Here is how we spent our last week as a family of 3:

We had lots of fun at G's favorite {shady} park! 
 We went on a nature walk on the neighborhood trails looking for bunnies, dogs, & fish. (The toddler was looking for those things) G wanted to hold my hand the whole time. Be still my heart.
We ended every single day with a bubble bath.
 We played baseball & threw the ball "high! high!" ...it's one of G's favorite things to do & that boy has a cannon. Seriously.
We had the best! morning! ever! & got to watch the trucks tear up our street so they can {eventually} repave.
Thursday our church had a Splash Day for the preschoolers. We met a bunch of friends there & G had a blast!  It was so hot but of course he didn't mind. I am pretty sure he played with all the water toys that were set up!

We had to finish off Splash Day with a "boo" popsicle!
 G ate pizza approximately 485783020 times because, right now, it's his absolute favorite. Next week I'm sure his favorite will be something completely different!
 Ben's "babycation" started on Friday so we decided to head down to Centennial Park & let G feed the ducks.
It combined 2 of his favorite things: animals & throwing. Great combo!
We didn't last long on the playground. It was HOT. But, really, look at those baby blues. I can't deal!
 We went next door on Friday night to eat dinner, watch the Opening Ceremony for the Olympics, & let Gray and Grayson play.
 Team USA! G loves to represent.
 Gray & Grayson had a great {as always} time running all over the place & playing with every toy in sight. We are so thankful to have the Garlington's as our neighbors!
I think our last week together as 3 was a success...I can't believe next week we will have another little boy at our house!


Paige said...

How fun! What a special week for him to not only be spoiled by his wonderful parents but to celebrate his baby brother coming soon! :) I hope you guys have a great weekend as well!

Brittany said...

Aw! looks like y'all had a great time! I had a really hard time towards the end of my pregnancy.. i was sad that Xander wasn't going to be the "baby" anymore, and that his whole world was about to change! But he has adjusted so well! Are you having c-section or induction?

Ashleigh Nichole said...

Photo overload equals success :) I love them all. G is gonna love the new addition, I'm sure of it. I am excited for you all & cannot wait to see the new little one.

Shelli said...

Your family is so sweet and is about to get a little bit sweeter. :) Grayson will be a sweet big brother to Griffin. Praying for a safe delivery and healthy baby boy!