I feel like I'm in somewhat of a blog rut. Probably because literally every waking minute of the day my brain is thinking baby.

  • I think I am officially done with park & pool playdates. Obviously, not forever...just for the time being. Maybe when I am feeling brave I can venture out to the park with TWO children. You know, like next summer. I kid. I just can't chase G around like I used to & I get SO exhausted now. We'll be hanging out in our yard for the next 2 weeks if anyone wants to play. 
  • The nursery is still not complete. We need to hang the video monitor. Poor baby Griffin needs his own monthly stuffed animal. We need things to put on the very empty shelves. I cannot tell you enough, baby #2 is way different. I swear everything was ready to go with Grayson when I was 8 months pregnant. 
  • Also? The carseat is still not installed. That's driving me crazy. I want to snap my fingers and it just be done. 
  • I think we have officially entered into the Terrible Twos era. I'm not sure how excited I am about this. I feel like everything is a fight lately & the tantrums? OY. They are out of control. The good thing about G's personality is that he has always been a kid who has "cooled off" quickly. Luckily, the tantrums don't last that long...but man, this age is trying. I'll either go gray or being ordering my Trader Joe's two buck chuck by the case. 
  • Speaking of alcohol...
have you people tried this? I'm not big into "mocktails" but this stuff is good! I love mojitos & this has been my little treat beverage lately. I want to try the margarita one next! It's a good little fake-out! 
  •  I have been in a bad cooking rut lately. It's been so hot & I just haven't had any good, new recipes...until now. I love the Publix weekly recipes they have. They had a recipe for coconut shrimp a few weeks ago that tasted so good, but, my husband doesn't eat anything that swims. SO, I just switched the shrimp out for chicken & it's so good!

    Here is the original recipe & I literally only changed out the main ingredient. We buy a pineapple habanero sauce at Costco that we used to dip it in. Yum!

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    Simpsons said...

    Get that stuffed animal for your monthly pics before our newborn session! It will be cute to have him laying on it or incorporate it somehow!!