a room for baby Griffin

Almost two years ago I revealed this nursery on the blog.  This room began as a labor of love for our sweet firstborn boy, Grayson.  We decided to move Grayson into a new big boy room & let Griffin keep the nursery. It's one of my favorite rooms in the house! A lot of this nursery stayed the same, but we did add a few new touches just for Griffin. Here's our new baby boy's room! 
This is what you see when you walk in. The baby swing will move downstairs once we are actually home...you know, with a baby.
I love these curtains!! My mom made them when I was pregnant with Grayson & they match the crib bedding. The best feature? They have blackout lining! Seriously, new moms, invest in blackout curtains. It may just save your sanity. 
 Grayson's name was exactly the same. I really wanted to do something different, but, since so many letters are the same, we just switched a few out. Paint + wooden circles & letters from Michael's = easiest name above crib ever.
I love, love, love this crib bedding. This was our first purchase when we found out Grayson was a boy! I had this custom made by Javis Davis and I'm so sad they don't do crib bedding anymore! 
Griffin's JellyCat stuffed animal {Hugs the Bashful Pony}, a free printable from Pinterest, & the piggy bank that G picked out for his baby brother. "Hat! Hat! Hat!" Behind that piggy bank is our 2nd beloved Homedics sound machine. Besides blackout curtains, this is what I recommend to all new moms. G can now sleep through maniac dogs barking, the doorbell ringing, thunderstorms...you name it, he sleeps through it. I'm a big advocate for sound machines! 
 The stripes are my favorite part of the room & the main reason I didn't have it in me to redo this room! I'll be sad to ever see them go.
The hanging sign is new, the animals are new (and G tries to spider monkey climb his way to that giraffe every single day), and I just threw together that little monogram the other day with things I already had at home!
We really had our hearts set on a new glider for the nursery, but, we decided to save our money & keep this one. The animal prints on the wall are made by Dinky Cow.  They have lots of cute wall art for kids! I bought that side table at a local antique mall when G was closer to 1 & I love it. It's perfect for this room! We did add a lamp recently for those late night feedings...something we should have invested in the first time! 
Griffin's closet is insane. This baby boy has SO many clothes! My cousin let me borrow a ton of her newborn things & I am very curious to see if Griffin will wear them. Grayson never did! 
...and for my personal favorite little toddler touch? G put his Pooh Bear stuffed animal in the swing for the baby. Sweet big brother! 

Now all we need is little Griffin!


Natalie said...

Awww it looks so good! :) Griffin will be here soon!

Simpsons said...

SOOO cute! Bring that pony to his pics!!! Love it!

Stephanie said...

Let me admit, I'm stealing some of your amazing ideas... just so you know! :)

{annie_loo} @ The Farrar Four said...

Looks great!!!!! Griffin will be in there before you know it!!!!

Leslianna Garlington said...

As you well know the Garlington crew is ready for Griffin!!!!! Yea!!!!!

Paige said...

How cute!!! He will be here SO soon!

Brittany said...

so cute! I love the stripes!

Jen Watts said...

everything looks so wonderful!!

Happiness Is... said...

Awwwwww - it is getting SO real!

Lynsey said...

I adore this nursery! Looks great.