The Honest Ramblings of a Pregnant Girl.

The alternate title of this post? The Things People Never Tell You About Being Pregnant. 

{also, please note, I am so thankful for this pregnancy & can't wait to meet our baby boy. I'm just entering into the miserable status.}

Being almost 9 pregnant is no joke. I told Ben the other day that I am really not trying to be whiny, but geez, sometimes a girl just needs to complain about the kicking bowling ball in her stomach.  If you want to skip out on a rant-y post, you have my permission to click the little "x" in the top right corner. Also? If you're of the male species, do yourself a favor & skip this one.

Being very pregnant is one thing. Being very pregnant when the weather forecast looks like this?
oh. my. gosh. I can't even deal. We actually broke a Nashville record on Saturday when the temperature reached 109. That's just plain crazy. I have been averaging 2-3 showers a day because the second I walk outside I am dripping with sweat.  At least I am staying pretty clean, right?

Because of the extreme August-like heat wave + a gigantic belly that is shoved up to chest, my bras now feel like some sort of torture device. If I am inside now, that sucker is coming right off. Therefore if the doorbell rings & my husband is not at home, I won't be answering. I would look frightening. Trust.

Something I never really encountered when I was pregnant with Grayson is the shortness of breath thing. If I had it, it wasn't bad enough to remember. This time? I'm pitiful. It actually feels more like suffocation. I walk up the stairs and I have to stop & catch my breath. As soon as I lay down in our bed I feel like a huge brick has been placed on my lungs & I can't breathe. I told Ben the other night that I feel like I need an oxygen mask just to sleep comfortably.

And someone please explain to me how it feels like Griffin is ON TOP OF MY LUNGS but also that he is SO LOW he may simply fall out?! How is that even possible?! The pressure I feel at times is intense & definitely not anything I ever experienced the first time around. Grayson was in my ribcage until they yanked him out of me. I mean, he can't simply just fall out, right?! That could make for an awkward situation.

Okay. I'm all done for now. 27 days or less until this baby boy is on the outside...but who's counting?!


Shannon Dew said...

Hang in there lady! KP was a mid-August baby and I remember that summer being the hottest of my life! Get to a pool and stay there till he's born ;-)

Natalie said...

Summer pregnancy is just as rough as I was told it was going to be. Hang in there!!

Stephanie said...

I keep thinking at any time, my pregnancy is going to enter the horrid summer months pregnancy. When we were trying, I mentioned I didn't want to be pregnant during th summer but little did we know we would be pregnant after only trying 1 month. But I'm 23 weeks and so far so good. I will be sending happy thoughts your eat and you do the same in October for me.

{annie_loo} @ The Farrar Four said...

I like the visual of the no bra and oxygen mask! ;)

Keep on truckin' momma! You're in the home stretch now!!!!!!

Can't wait!

Vanessa Miller said...

I was only about 6 months pregnant in August of last year but I was big and uncomfortable and swelled up at the drop of a hat so I can't imagine being 9 months pregnant with this heat! I also had the shortness of breath. Not fun at all. Hang in there, only a few more weeks!

Jenna said...

Ohhh I know how you feel! I'm due in 2 days and I'm dying! I am so insanely sore and READY for this to be done. I'll be praying for some relief for you!

ImagesByStudioS said...

OMG...LMAO. I totally remember this like it was yesterday. This heat is similar to being pregnant and living in the hot humid environment of Houston. I only felt this way with my 2nd pregnancy, not first...like you. After reading this, you just cleared up any doubt I may have had about trying to have a third child. I just can't think of going through it again. Can't wait for G man to join this world!!!

Unknown said...

Girl, you are totally allowed a little rant about the heat! 9 months pregnant in the heat of the summer is a major deal! Hang in there...you're almost there!!

Savannah said...

I feel like your pregnancy has flown by so fast! This heat has been miserable ... CANNOT imagine battling it while full term pregnant! Good luck with surviving these final weeks!