weekend update

This weekend went by WAY too fast! 

I spent Saturday in Memphis at a baby shower. Is it wrong that I was really excited to drive alone & be able to listen to my music?? I love my little guy, but I'm kind of tired of listening to The Lion King in the car.  
One of my best friends from high school, Margie, came up from Louisiana so we could celebrate baby Jewel! She may be the cutest pregnant girl I have ever seen.
Margie and I ventured off to Ole Miss together in the fall of 2003 (see our cute dorm room?), been bridesmaids for one another, & now both have a baby on the way!
It was so fun seeing girls that I haven't seen in a long time & celebrate the sweet baby girl on the way! I can't wait to see baby Jewel when she makes her appearance in early September! 
Ben & G stayed behind in Nashville and had a fun day. What does daddy do while mama is away? Well, he buys trucks. Yep. That's plural. Ben got himself a little early Father's Day present when he traded in the ol' Pathfinder for a truck AND Grayson got a new excavator. All is right in the world...both my boys have trucks! 
Grayson woke up his daddy this morning with cards & presents--Ben got tickets to The Sounds baseball game in 2 weeks! I'm pretty sure Grayson will LOVE a real baseball game! We've had a great day just spending time together. Ben works every other weekend so we soak up the ones that he has off! 
 Grayson adores his daddy & I'm pretty sure the feeling is mutual. Grayson is a lucky boy!


Amanda @ Our Oklahoma Nest said...

You look adorable! Grayson is adorable! And your new blog look is adorable! ;)

Elizabeth said...

Love the new layout!!!

Jen Watts said...

trucks, a new design, and baby shower-FUN stuff!!
love that pic of ben and grayson..such a keeper :)

and I love the picture of you and your friend..you both are glowing and beautiful!