my day in a nutshell

It's been one of those days. One of those days that needs to be topped off with pajamas, Teen Mom, and a glass of shiraz. Because I know you all are so concerned, here is how today went down:

12:30 (in the MORNING mind you) - 6:30am ~ child wakes up crying (he had been sick all day yesterday) and I attempt to get him to sleep with me in the guest room. Big time fail. He tossed and turned for f i v e hours and never fell asleep. Therefore, the mama never fell asleep. 

6:30 - 10:00am ~ Pass the torch off to hubs and let him handle the sickly child so I can finally sleep. Longest nap in my life. 

11:45am ~ drive through Sonic and get the worlds largest Diet Coke (I was in need of major caffeine...remember, no sleep?) and get my hair did. I impulsively chop it off. I love it.
See awkward self portrait? I feel like these only belong on MySpace.
2:45pm ~ child wakes up from 2 hour nap and finally eats a small baby mum mum. First time he ate all day. Hallelujah! Starting to think we've turned a corner. 

3:00pm ~ Drop my car off at tire place because it has a nail for the 753rd time. Darn you, new construction neighborhood. 

3:15pm ~ Ride home in Ben's truck. G starts coughing/gagging. I turn around and he is covered in throw up. Covered. See ya later, baby mum mum. That corner we turned? Not so much.

3:30pm ~ wash the child and wash the carseat...trying not to gag. I don't do throw up. Not willingly, anyway. 

4:00pm ~ fever returns. boo hiss. G is pitiful.

Thankfully, Grayson did eat some toast and drank pedialyte tonight. He's currently sleeping and I am crossing my fingers that we all get some much needed sleep tonight. And I am now watching Secret Life of an American Teenager...because I'm obviously very mature:)


Jonathan, Lindsay, and Brooks said...

Oh Laura, I totally feel you on this one! I so hope you ALL get some rest tonight and that tomorrow is a MUCH better day! Secret Life is one of my guilty pleasures as well :)

katherine said...

So sorry about Grayson and I hope he is feeling better soon. BTW, I love your hair cut!

Marci said...

I watch both of those shows too, and call them my guilty pleasures. I wonder why, if so many of us actually watch them, we have to feel "guilty" about it? :) Hope Grayson feels better soon!!

jeannie said...

Your hair looks great!