Things I Don't Know How I Survived Without The 1st Time Around

I did a few posts when G was a baby about some of my favorite essential items. That list has grown & changed. Some things I am not really sure how we survived without! Here is my new list of things I think every mama needs when they have a baby:

 A bottle warmer. I nursed for 6 1/2 months this time but Grayson was bottle fed for ELEVEN MONTHS. Why did we not have one of these?? We bought this Munchkin brand one for Griffin & it is so much easier than running the bottle under hot tap water for a few minutes! 
 Tommee Tippee bibs for easy feeding. HOLY COW. I am in love with these things. I bought some really cute plastic/fabric bibs for Grayson when he started eating & they took forever and a day to dry. I love these bibs. You can just wipe them off! Genius.
Twitter. You might think I am joking, but I am not. I have about 200 other mamas at my fingertips that I can now talk to about motherhood.  I really am not sure how I parented Grayson without the help of all my friends that live in the computer.

 A cheap, plastic booster seat. We had a pretty, wooden high chair for Grayson. We specifically registered for it because it would match our kitchen table. It looks nice but babies are MESSY eaters. Really messy eaters. At least mine are. There was always so much food stuck in all the little nooks that I could never get out. We switched to a booster seat when G was 1 and I'm not sure why we didn't do it sooner. Griffin was switched at 6 months and it is about 100 times easier to clean. Do yourself a favor 1st time mamas: register for one of these & not a high chair. Another plus? These are portable and are great for trips!

My beloved Keurig. Oh, man. I love this thing.  One thing you should know is that I suck at making coffee. I had an actual coffee maker when G was a baby but I could never get it right. I got this bad boy for Christmas when I was pregnant with Griffin and it has been life-changing. LIFE-CHANGING. Okay, I'm a little dramatic. BUT? It makes it so much easier to make my coffee with a clingy baby and it always tastes good. I'm not sure how I survived the sleep deprived months without one of these. 

That's all I've got. Have I forgotten anything major?! Is there a new product I still don't know about??


Brandy @mannlymama said...

Ha Landon didn't get a booster seat until about 3 months ago....at 3.5! But that isn't for the reasons you ahve. We have this "high chair" which it a "booster" to some. It converts from reclined infant eating (um why?) and a full booster.

Easy. Straps to a regular chair. Easy to clean. Cover goes in the wash (our straps are long gone because we live on the edge). I also like the big tray to load up and take outside for picnics. The deep inset also is helpful when cheerios are easy to slide off. Hands down one of the best items we have.

Bottle warmer makes me laugh. We just use a big plastic tumbler full of hot water. What does a bottle warmer actually do? Daycare does the same as us except just giant glass pyrex measuring cups.

Other items:
*video monitor (we didn't get until L was over 1)
*bumbo seat for the bathtub. We had the seat...just didn't think of this for the tub. LIFESAVER..literally if you think about it
* all the carriers! I carry ollie way more because i HAVE to

Shannon Dew said...

We got the nice wooden highchair that would match too and I HATE that thing! I couldn't wait to put it away! KP is in an $11 bright starts booster now and I couldn't be happier! And those bibs will be a must w/dew #2 b/c cloth bibs are pointless!

Mateya said...

We love those TT bibs too. Lindsay told me about these other bibs from Dex Baby and they're similar but WAY bigger and they catch all his food, plus they're a little more flexible.

I agree with the highchair thing too. I thought I needed a big one but now we use a tiny booster one like that all the time anyway!

melissa said...

Do the straps come off that booster seat? If so, I'll give it a look! We have a seat now and I HATE it because there is a padded cover, nooks & crannies, and the straps don't come off for washing. It's impossible to clean. I swear the people who make most of these things have never fed a child - why would you put so many places for food to fall into!?!?

Do the TT bibs get less stiff over time? I have some but never used them because they were too stiff. If they loosen up, maybe I should give ours another try.

melissa said...

Okay, it just goes to show how much opinions differ on baby products because the booster recommended above is the one I have and hate. Haha!

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