The Great Easter Monies Hunt

Our Sunday School class got together last night for a class Easter egg hunt. It was the first warm-ish day we have had & it was actually really nice out! By the way, it needs to be known that G calls the Easter Bunny, the Easter Monies. When I picture the "Easter Monies" in my head, I picture Flava Flav with big bunny ears. Doesn't that sound about right?! He was so excited for the Easter Monies Hunt with his church friends!
 He always finds his buddy, Gray! They were both so tired & looked like they were going to crash at any moment.

 Most of the kid crew! I love how this picture shows all the personalities!
 This was G's first big egg hunt & he loved searching for the eggs!
 Eli & G
 Griffin was pretty curious about that monkey basket full of eggs!

We are so thankful to have friends that are in this same stage of life as us. I'm pretty sure all the kids enjoy it, too!

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Amy said...

I forget that I originally found your blog through Diane's -- who I actually know IRL (or knew IRL at one point... it's been awhile)! I noticed her kiddos in your photos and it took me a second to put it together!! :)